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What to Know Before Choosing a Title Company

November, 18 2022

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Title Insurance myths…and what’s actually true

February, 3 2022

f you are purchasing a residential or commercial property, most buyers know that they will need title insurance. But many don’t really know why or what it is for. As… Read more »

5 questions to ask a title company: Things you need to know when choosing a Phoenix title insurance company

April, 16 2017

Things you need to know when choosing a Phoenix title insurance company: It is good to turn to your real estate agent, friends and your lender when choosing a Phoenix… Read more »

Why does my title insurance company need to send encrypted emails?

December, 16 2016

If you’ve done business with Landmark Title Assurance Agency before, you may have noticed the following message: “We encrypt all emails that contain personal information. Encrypted emails from me or… Read more »

What is the role of an escrow agent

October, 20 2015

Congratulations, you have sold or purchased property! Your next step is signing papers to enter into escrow with an escrow agent, also known as the closing agent. The meaning of… Read more »