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Q&A with Jonie Alden, Senior Escrow Officer at Landmark Title

Q&A with Jonie Alden, Senior Escrow Officer at Landmark Title

Jonie Alden leads our Landmark Title residential title and escrow team. As a senior escrow officer, Jonie provides realtors, builders, mortgage brokers and their clients with her attention to detail and in depth knowledge to make each transaction as seamless as possible. Under Jonie’s direction, our residential team leverages their experience to offer our clients valuable insight, knowledge and a personalized approach and provide options and solutions to help overcome obstacles that can make a closing challenging. Jonie spent more than 20 years at Pulte homes before joining the team at Landmark Title.

  1. How did you choose to build a career in the residential real estate industry?I started working at the County Assessor’s office. My brother-in-law worked for a title company and this is where I first learned about the industry. My first job was in customer services and over time I worked my way up. It really began as a job, but became a career. It is a great industry to work in; it offers the opportunity to earn a good living and work with great people.
  2. Can you explain what a senior escrow officer does on a day-to-day basis?Having the title of ‘senior’ denotes experience and knowledge. For some it can mean more of a managerial role, for a working escrow officer in addition to managing the team, your day is also spent on client relations and marketing the company’s services. A senior officer also oversees all the paperwork and financial elements involved in escrow. It is your job to ensure that the closing process runs as smoothly as possible.
  3. Why is choosing a title company important to the home buyer?Who you work with is important. You want someone who has depth of experience and offers a high level of service. Typically it’s the home buyer’s agent that selects the title company, but the seller can request a title company and the other party may agree. Many realtors have strong relationships with the title companies they prefer.
  4. In residential real estate what transactions are the trickiest to complete?Every transaction has its own set of nuances. No one transaction is the same. One of the trickier tasks to coordinate is when there two properties that need to close on the same day. Also, short sale transactions can be very tricky.
  5. What trends are you seeing occurring that will impact the residential real estate in 2015?In 2015 we are going to see the homeowners’ interest rate going up due to the change in the adjustable rate mortgage change. Some of these homeowners are not going to be able to afford their new payments. As a result, I expect that we may start seeing more short sales and foreclosures again. From our standpoint it could mean an increase in potential transactions with buyers looking for deals.

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