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The attractive nuisance: 5 Things that can raise homeowner’s insurance

The attractive nuisance: 5 Things that can raise homeowner’s insurance

The attractive nuisance: 5 Things that can raise homeowner’s insurance

attractive nuisance

Take a good look around your property-do you have an attractive nuisance? No, we are not talking about your neighbors’ children. An attractive nuisance is an object on your property that is potentially dangerous while at the same time attractive to children and it can raise your homeowner’s insurance.

What insurers consider attractive nuisances may vary from company to company, but there are five things that ALWAYS make the list.

1.Swimming pools & trampolines:attractive nuisance

Yes, two of the most beloved sources of childhood fun, are considered attractive nuisances and will undoubtedly mean paying higher insurance premiums. The proof is in the numbers. Drowning is a leading cause of death and injury in young children and trampolines lie behind 100,000 injuries every year. The other factor pushing up premiums is liability. Anyone who gets hurt in your pool or on your trampoline can sue, even someone who is trespassing. You probably cannot avoid paying a higher rate, but you can minimize the increase by putting in whatever safety precautions your insurance company asks you too: fences, signs, etc.

2.Abandoned Cars:attractive nuisance with wheels

Even if this baby is a classic and you plan on restoring it to its former glory, insurers see it as an attractive nuisance. Curious children love cars and it wouldn’t take much for a child to get locked inside or otherwise injured. It’s important to keep the windows shut along with the doors and trunk locked.

3.Fountains: classy (maybe) but an attractive nuisance

This feature that makes your grand entrance extra grand can also translate into higher insurance. Fountains mean flowing water and flowing water attracts children. Clearly you can’t fence a fountain in many cases. Insurers may advise you to post clear danger signs warning passersby not to swim.

4.Old Appliances: just junk them

Children can also get locked inside old appliances, especially those made before 1958. Your best bet is not to store these on your property at all, but if you must, take the doors off old refrigerators and other appliances. At least you eliminate the risk of a child becoming trapped.

5.Holes: fill them in

Every kid loves a good hole. They especially love to fill them with water. You see where we’re going with this? If you have a hole on your property, you have an attractive nuisance and if someone falls in that hole, you face a potential lawsuit.

Buyer beware, know your nuisances

High insurance rates can come from a lot of directions. Certain breeds of dogs and exotic pets will impact your rates, even the type of roof you have can raise your rates. When looking at properties to purchase, be aware of what the law considers attractive nuisances and the various features that may drive up your insurance rates. Talk to your insurance and real estate agent.

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