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Why CRE Brokers should utilize the Internet

Why CRE Brokers should utilize the Internet

We now live in an age where an almost endless amount of information is only a short click and a browser search away. The Internet Age has revolutionized the way people work, communicate, play, and interpret information. This includes the work that commercial real estate brokers take on when establishing themselves as a point of connection between buyers and sellers. So how can commercial real estate brokers best take advantage of an online presence?

Networking: These days, nearly everyone has their professional persona virtualized by way of a LinkedIn page. It allows an individual to connect with coworkers, scout new sale opportunities, and build a personal brand. It also allows the opportunity to connect beyond industry events and mixers to share information, leads and follow-up. LinkedIn also has an endorsement feature, meaning that those who have first hand experience collaborating with you can attest to your skills. Other social media sites are also very useful – Facebook in particular allows you to host a professional page for your business, where you can keep clients up to date with current dealings.

Knowing the Market: In an industry like real estate, the highs and lows of the market can change rapidly. While bursting property bubbles and soaring highs aren’t a daily occurrence, the internet is filled with news sites and blogs that can be great resources to utilize when it comes to tracking – and thereby predicting – market fluctuations. Online news sources also provide updates on competitors and new development, providing a pulse on day-to-day real estate activity and major players.

Driving Business: Perhaps the most important advantages of establishing a “personal” brand online and staying abreast of what’s happening in the industry, is the impact it can on bringing in leads and closing deals. Be it through a connection you made through a social media account, or an inquiry from a potential client on the contact page of the company website, staying up to date and connected can be paramount when it comes to business growth.

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