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What to Expect With a Home Inspection

What to Expect With a Home Inspection

What to Expect With a Home Inspection

You found your dream home, now comes the home inspection. After learning that your offer was accepted, you or your realtor will schedule a formal home inspection. The home inspection is an important step in helping the physical conditions of the property. While the conditions listed in the Purchase Contract or Seller Home Disclosure provide information about a home’s history, it is not a guarantee or full picture. It is also important to note that your contract may allow for withdrawal if the conditions of the property are not as reported. 

Here are some helpful insights on what to expect when you order various home inspections:

Physical Home Inspection

A Physical Inspection clause in your purchase contract will allow you the right to have the property thoroughly inspected. A home inspector goes through the house to seek out things that may be hazardous, dangerous, faulty, or not up to code. They are specifically looking to uncover anything that could place occupants in harm’s way or reveal a serious structural issue that needs repair. Usually conducted by a licensed contractor, a General Home Inspection helps evaluate the condition of everything from the outside in, so there is a full picture of what a new buyer can anticipate.

For a comprehensive checklist of what to expect when conducting a General Home Inspection, visit the Dwelling Inspectors Arizona Home Inspection Checklist here.

Structural Pest Control Inspection

A Structural Pest Control Inspection or Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report is conducted by a licensed inspector that investigates for pests in and around structures. This formal report, prepared only by a licensed pest control business, informs the lending institution and buyer about termites, termite damage, and other issues relative to termites.

Foundation Inspection

If the conditions permit, a foundation inspection may be helpful to provide an expert analysis of any potential structural problems. This inspection is performed by a Geotechnical Engineer and, depending on the “level” of investigation, can involve a simple walk around to a floor plan draw up to lab analysis of soil borings in the ground. Arizona Foundation Solutions has a comprehensive synopsis of what to expect regarding foundation inspections and their levels here.

Who pays for Inspections?

Your purchase contract will specify who is responsible for the cost of the inspection and for corrections if necessary. Typically, the buyer is responsible for the cost of the home inspection, but requests for repairs are negotiable. Your real estate professional will be able to guide you as to what is customary for this type of communication.

Home Warranty Plans

As a preventative measure with home inspections, home warranty plans are available for purchase by the Buyer or Seller and may provide additional protection of certain systems and appliances in your home. Oftentimes, a home warranty plan becomes part of the negotiation and is offered to the buyer and paid for by the seller at the close.

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