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The Top 5 home projects to tackle before summer

The Top 5 home projects to tackle before summer


Spending your 100-degree summer days lounging in the pool sounds a lot more appealing than puling weeds or taking on a new DIY project.  That’s why spring is the perfect time in Arizona to tackle those looming home improvement projects, before summer season hits.

When taking a look around your home to determine what needs attention, consider our list of the  top 5 projects to get done this spring:


  1. Painting: Painting the inside of the home is best to do in the cooler months so you can take advantage of proper ventilation. Best to be able to open the windows while the temperatures are cooler to help speed up the drying process and clear out any fumes. You may choose to hire a specialist, especially when painting the exterior of your home.


  1. Kitchen Upgrade: If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel or upgrade, springtime can be ideal. The contractor will be on-site from as little as a couple weeks to months depending on the scope of the project and that means your kitchen will be off limits during that time. Preparing meals on the grill and dining outdoors can be a nice alternative to eating out.


  1. Yard work and weed pulling: Before the sun gets too strong, remove those overgrown shrubs and unwanted weeds in order to plant the flowerbeds and pots for spring and summer blooms. You may also want to enhance the patio, add an outdoor fireplace, sport court or horseshoe pit to enjoy during the remainder of spring and through the fall.


  1. Garden getaway: Create the perfect garden oasis by planting herbs and vegetables to flourish this summer. This project should include build proper shade structure and adding irrigation to ensure the crops make it through the harsh summer heat.


  1. Pool maintenance: Check your pool pump and other equipment to make sure it is properly maintained and can withstand another summer. Plan ahead to avoid any surprises and added expense. No one wants an unusable or green pull during the hottest months of the year.


Whether hiring an outside contractor or planning to do it yourself, spring is the best time of year to tackle these home improvements and avoid heatstroke.
















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