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The New Home Design Trends in 2021

The New Home Design Trends in 2021

In 2020, we found ourselves spending more time at home and more time with family. While we are beginning to venture out more now, 2020 had a significant impact on demands for living space in 2021. Many of the home design trends we are seeing this yearHome Design have more to do with function than design. As people are doing more at home – working, attending school, exercising, entertaining – these changes are influencing how we design the spaces we live in. 

Dedicated office space

Working from home became a new normal, and for a lot of people WFH life is here to stay. With this change comes a shift in demand for the open concept floor plans to the need for separate workspaces. People are now wanting more privacy, quiet and the ability to separate work from homelife. A dedicated room for an office is ideal but there are other creative ways to designate a separate workspace. These include movable screens, curtains or shelving units around desks to create the illusion of an office and to try and keep work from overtaking time at home. 

Smart homes

Smart technology is becoming more of a standard home feature in 2021. Homeowners can conveniently connect to their homes to operate lights, music, appliances and security. Devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are now able to connect an entire house. With a simple verbal command or click from a phone, homeowners can now turn on and off lights, change TV channels and start the oven. Thanks to these new technologies, there are programs and apps that provide control of everything from changing the temperature on the thermostat to locking and unlocking the front door. The smart home design trends are also making their way into the kitchen with refrigerators featuring touch screens and countertops that can charge your phone.  

Indoor greenery

Gardens have slowly been creeping their way indoors. The pandemic inspired many to test their green thumb, which inspired the trend for more indoor greenery. Both fake and real plants are being tapped to bring a touch of nature into home decor.  And with people spending more time at home, they can tend more to watering and nurturing the real thing. A window herb garden offers fresh seasonings for cooking and small countertop plants are a good choice for novice gardeners who want to bring more plants into their home. 

Bright pops of color

As neutrals and all white rooms are making their way out in 2021, we are seeing a shift to more vibrant colors such as green, yellow and blue on accent walls and upholstery. For those that are not ready to make a big investment with color, a decorative vase, fun wall art or bright colored throw pillows are a nice temporary alternative. Along with bright colors, we are seeing more geometric patterns. Wallpaper is making a return as a popular home design trend, but this time it’s easy for people to do it themselves with peel and stick options available. The less permanent option allows homeowners to change out patterns and colors more frequently and try something new. 

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