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Pool Maintenance Before Selling Your Home – The Good, and the Bad

Pool Maintenance Before Selling Your Home – The Good, and the Bad

Pool Maintenance Before Selling Your Home – The Good, and the Bad

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In Arizona, pools are a very popular home feature – and it would seem for good reason. However, pool maintenance is key. A pool can be enjoyed by homeowners most months of the year, and provide a much needed respite from our sweltering summer sun, as well as entertainment.

However, there are various misconceptions about the value added to a property when a homeowner decides to install a pool. If a home’s worth is upwards of the $1 million mark, the average ROI for pools is estimated at an increase in home valuation by just around $10,000. This is regardless of the price of pool design and installation – be it $20,000 or $50,000 – according to Monika Sott, a broker at Arizona Classic Golf Homes LLC in Phoenix, recently interviewed for an AZCentral article.

Most Arizona homeowners assume that adding a pool will add to a home’s value, and that is not always the case. In addition to installation, there is also the pool maintenance costs associated with pool ownership. Additional costs aside, it should be noted that if a home sits in a community where pools are the norm (Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale and Mesa all rank on top U.S. Cities for pools), it can be more difficult to sell a  house when it does not include a pool.

So why is proper pool maintenance so important? Be it standard weekly upkeep, resurfacing, plaster/stone work, or even new water fixtures – the state of a pool will speak waves to the buyer about the state of the overall house.

“Major signs of neglect indicate deferred maintenance, which often times can send a wrong message to any future buyer, Sott says, and prompts the rhetorical question: “What else has been that significantly overlooked in this property?”

All of these signs lead to the need for some TLC to an abused pool before you want to show your house on the market. However, it’s important to know how much renovation is too much.

Dave Reinert, general manager of the remodeling division at Shasta Pools in Phoenix, has said that “Shasta sees more updates after a home purchase and that he serves customers who want everything from new plaster or stone surfaces, to new deck coatings, tile and travertine, to elaborate water features and complete redesigns.

“People are doing more with the backyard since it’s like another room of the house,” he says. “It’s really an extension of our (outdoor) lifestyle.”

It’s especially important that you consider a potential buyer’s taste when thinking about a pool facelift before selling – and also that you don’t throw too much cash into a project that won’t add a lot of value.

A few things to consider if you are listing your home:

  1. Keep pool sparkling clean for showings
  2. Repair or replace broken tiles
  3. Add potted plants and landscaping to enhance
  4. Stage with outdoor furniture and umbrellas for shade (you can take this investment with you and it helps the outdoor space show well)

The goal is to appeal to potential buyers and help them imagine living and enjoying your home as their own. While investing in a pool installation or remodel, may not be 100 percent recouped when you sell, in the end it is about making it a home that fits your lifestyle.


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