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Home Projects to Tackle in Preparation for the Holidays

Home Projects to Tackle in Preparation for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it is the biggest and busiest weekend for travel across the country. Before your clan descends on your property and bring everything minus the kitchen sink, here are a few projects you should consider tackling prior to their arrival.

  1. Take care of the plumbing
  2. It is inevitable that your kitchen and bathrooms will get more usage during the holidays from visiting guests. If your toilet is unstable make sure to tighten up the screws and check out the flush/drainage action.

  3. Test the batteries in your smoke detector
  4. For peace-of-mind you can change them out; batteries are fairly inexpensive. Starting the holidays with new batteries, you can rest assured that your smoke detectors are in proper working order. It’s also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher on hand in the kitchen.

  5. Check the fridge
  6. It’s likely the door will be opened and closed more frequently than normal on Thanksgiving. Inspect the exterior for any loose fixings and tighten them up. To stop your fridge from going into overdrive and gain some space it’s also a good idea to take out drinks and put them on ice.

  7. Prepare the vacuum cleaner
  8. If your vacuum uses a bag make sure to put a fresh one in or empty out its container. Store it where you have easy access to use, when needed. The coming and going of friends and family can track in extra dirt and dust.

  9. Look for hazards
  10. Fix loose stones and steps at the front entrance and outdoor areas. Take care of any falling hazards; double-sided tape is great for keeping rugs in place.

Most importantly, remember to cherish the time with friends and family and reflect on what you are thankful for this holiday. For more great tips on getting your home prepared in time for Thanksgiving click here.

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