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Earth Friendly Homes: Energy Efficient Incentives

Earth Friendly Homes: Energy Efficient Incentives

Earth Friendly Homes: Energy Efficient Incentives

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Sustainable homes seek to save energy, promoting energy efficient incentives in your home decreases waste and saves money. In an effort to encourage homeowners to add more energy efficient features, federal, state and local tax incentives are often available for renewable energy investments and energy efficient solutions.

Advanced automation systems and green energy homes on the rise                    

Mobile devices and Wi-Fi technology has given homeowners the ability to be “smarter” and manage their homes more effectively. Smart homes are sustainable homes that utilize technology and renewable energy to complete tasks and operate with increased energy efficiency. More specifically, Wi-Fi enabled devices allow homeowners to remotely turn air conditioning and heating systems on or off in one section of the house; or activate a timer to turn on and off lights, or turn on the oven to start dinner. All this and more can be done using a smartphone, and provide homeowners with more options than ever for conserving energy and increase savings.

Smart sensors offer a myriad of benefits. Security systems now allow homeowners to be directly alerted and to view their home remotely. There are now refrigerators that can tell you when the milk is going sour. If you forget to turn off the stove or other appliances, they can now be accessed to turn off when not in use.

With Earth Day approaching on April 22, its time to consider changes that will make your home more energy efficient. To begin, here are some energy efficient incentives and solutions for homeowners in Arizona:

  • Arizona APS offers a $245 rebate to its residential customers installing updated air conditioning or heat pump units that will replace older, less efficient systems.
  • The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers energy efficient and renewable energy upgrade financing options through the PowerSaver loan program. For smaller projects homeowners can qualify for up to $7,500 in loans through the program.

Installing solar panels

Solar panels are growing in popularity as the cost for solar energy continues to be one of the least expensive, especially in warmer climates. Installing solar panels on an Arizona home can save an average of $33,000 over a span of 20 years.

Environmentally friendly materials

Common materials in sustainable homes include paper insulation made from recycled newspaper and cardboard. These recycled materials can be sprayed between walls and are more efficient than chemical foams. Sustainable concrete is another common material found in eco-friendly homes; concrete is responsible for 7-10 percent of global CO2 emissions. Double paned windows are becoming a thing of the past, as newer triple glazed windows are even more efficient, as the three layers trap hot or cool air, reducing the cost of cooling in the summer or heating in the winter and keeping the temperature inside the home more comfortable year-round.



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