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5 Steps to Selling your Home

5 Steps to Selling your Home

Spring and summer are primetime when it comes to buying and selling homes in most parts of the country.

As the Phoenix market begins to see an upswing, sellers need to be prepared for more of a sprint than marathon. If you are planning on listing your home this spring, it is imperative that you consider these five steps beforehand:

  1. Get your home inspected
    Attorney and author of ‘How to buy your first home’ Diana Brodman Summers recommends that before you even pick up the phone to call your realtor, organize an inspection of your home. It’s beneficial to be proactive and eliminate any surprises. Some realtors will advise against spending the money, as the buyer will usually request and pay for an inspection prior to closing, but it’s best to know before this point as it gives early warning on any repairs that may need to be done.
  2. Give your home a facelift
    Start to do this roughly six weeks prior to putting your house on the market to help your home standout. To make an impact and show well consider the following:

    • Give the property a fresh coat of paint, paying attention to shutters and the front door
    • Create a clean and inviting entry way; for most buyers’ appearance is everything
    • Use a power washer on the front walk and porch area.
    • Clean the windows and replace any burnt-out outdoor bulbs
    • Give the landscape a makeover, planting flowers, removing visible weeds, and adding new gravel in the more sparse areas. If you have a lawn make sure it’s in healthy shape.
  3. Interview real estate agents
    If you decide you’d like to work with an agent meet with them early on about listing. Ask them for their advice and what they would highlight about your home. Ask to see their activity list i.e. a list of buyer and sellers they represented and the price ranges. Experience counts so don’t be afraid to ask them how long they have been working in the industry.
  4. Set a price
    If you decide not to work with a realtor get your own comps by researching local listing in your newspaper; sites like and will also give you a good idea. Track all of these then set a realistic figure. Pricing is strategy and the rules differ depending on the market, but at the end of the day it comes down to how motivated you are to sell.
  5. Stay on top of the market
    Do your homework and educate yourself on mortgage rates and what’s happening in the market.

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