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Office space trends for 2017

Office space trends for 2017

Office space trends for 2017

Office space trends

The overall environment and layout of an office space can significantly impact an organization’s performance and the happiness of its employees. In 2017, companies are facing busier environments and ever-changing technology With these demands confronting most offices, it is more important than ever for companies to provide an enlightening space for its workforce. As Millenials begin to enter the workforce in greater numbers, we find some interesting trends in office space emerging to accommodate their presence. Office designers must pay special attention to layout, as well as accessories and colors to create a positive and productive atmosphere.

Here is a list of office trends that will become more widespread in 2017.

1. More flexible layout

As technology becomes more compact and mobile, employees spend less time working from a workstation. Today, a well-designed space accommodates these changing habits and offers a solution that resonates with team members. By including smart choices in furniture, design, and functionality companies will provide a more flexible workspace where new technologies can be integrated with ease and can adapt to growth. Organizations will be using adaptable furniture with modular soft seating, workbenches, desk pods, meet point tables and acoustic elements to boost office performance and encourage collaboration.

2. Open but closed concept

At many of today’s emerging companies, it is more common to see an open concept office space. While this is a great for generating collaboration, designers need to be aware that there is still need for private, quiet space. A space where people can get away and focus is often lacking in an open concept design. While the open concept offers value, there is a need for balance between open and closed areas in the workspace. One way to keep this balance is to include separate lounge areas where team members can unwind and access private workspaces to focus quietly.

3. Work Life and Well-Life 

Health and wellness is not a new workplace fad. Companies are realizing that to keep their employees happy and healthy they must provide ways to keep them moving. There are studies showing the health effects from long periods of sitting. To combat this, office spaces will include more ways to get people moving. Some organizations are utilizing sit-stand desks and adding fitness classes at break time. Offices will also begin to incorporate more natural lighting and bring the outdoors in by incorporating more greenery.

4. Integrated Technology 

Technology will become more prevalent than ever. In 2017 we will see new technology like virtual and augmented reality become useful for effectively mapping out the trajectory of in-office progress.

Encouraging and implementing a flexible layout, private spaces, wellbeing, and technology in your organization can ultimately lead to a happier, more productive team.

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