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How to Fung Shui your Office Space

How to Fung Shui your Office Space

The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui is based on the idea that everything in a person’s surrounding environment affects his or her inner life. The principle of the practice is to arrange the physical objects in your environs to attract positive energy. Practitioners believe that if there is good chi (life force) flowing, whoever enters that space will get a positive boost of energy. Many organizations have adopted this practice in the workplace as it has been seen to increase productivity levels as well as employee health and happiness.

Here’s how you can create the desk for success in your office space:
Start with positioning
Orient your desk directly opposite the front door if possible. If your office does not accommodate furniture rearrangement add a mirror to your desk to reflect the office front entrance. The principles of feng shui state that this allows you to see opportunities as they come towards you in your career while offering you protection.

Clear the clutter
Now that you have a full view of incoming opportunities organize your space and make room for creativity. When you’ve tackled the desks surface use colored folders and binders that appeal to your taste to file your work. Getting organized boosts productivity and having a clearer view of your space allows the creative juices to flow.

Promote the flow
This is the fun part, begin arranging the objects on your desk to welcome good chi into your zone. One of the basic tools the feng shui practitioner uses is the bagua map. At least fifty percent of the desktop should be clear at all times. Instead of focusing on all nine sections in the map select two to three and make them your priority.

If the bagua map seems like a lot of work simply add a couple of air purifying plants, you’ll be surprised by the energy boost it will give you. Feng shui is a matter of perspective and what works for you may not work for the next person, but the basic principles will help you bring about balance in your life.

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