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Remote Online Notarization: What does it mean for you?

Remote Online Notarization: What does it mean for you?

Remote Online Notarization: What does it mean for you?

Remote online notarization allows you to get your documents notarized anytime, anywhere – you can even do it from home in your pajamas. It is no secret that technology is changing the way we do business. Even before COVID-19, we could conduct virtual meetings, digitally store documents and work remotely. Now, these tools and resources are more valuable than ever, as we continue to work with customers and process real estate transaction. One of our latest allows you to notarize your closing documents anytime, anywhere with remote online notarization, or RON.


What is RON? 

RON utilizes technology to provide a convenient way to safely and securely eSign closing and other documents that require a notary. The online service allows customers to virtually connect with a commissioned notary 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere, using any device, even your phone.


The use of technology to complete notary transactions was made possible with the introduction of Arizona Senate Bill 1030 in 2019, which expanded the definition of “face-to-face meeting” to include virtual connection via webcam. It also allows for digital identification credentialing and record keeping. Though passed last year, the law was not scheduled to go into effect until July 1 of 2020. However, due to COVID-19, Governor Doug Ducey signed an Executive Order allowing the use of RON to begin on April 10, 2020.


How does RON work?

RON is a secure and easy-to-use platform that allows the signer to connect with a notary anywhere in the world via a webcam. The signer uploads the necessary documents. The signer’s identity is verified and authenticated. Once verification is complete, the notarization of documents is recorded in real time and saved for future reference. Documents are signed and stamped digitally and then stored online. The notary’s journal of remote online notarizations is also digital.


What does RON mean for you?

RON offers a variety of benefits:


  • Connects you with notary 24/7, allowing you to sign and file at your convenience
  • Eliminates need for a face-to-face meeting, saving the time and expense of travel
  • Simplifies the signing process
  • Reduces risk with robust identity and credential checks
  • Provides secure fully digitized documents for your records
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Protects against the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses


With RON, you literally can sign and notarize your closing documents at 3 a.m. or anytime from  home, work or anywhere – as long as you have online access.


Landmark Title is proud to lead the way in offering RON to customers. Whether commercial or residential, we know that real estate transactions can be complex and we pride ourselves on providing personalized service – even when working remotely. If you are in need of escrow and title services or have questions about remote online notarization, contact us today to learn more.

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