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Trends in Homebuilding

Trends in Homebuilding

As the housing market evolves so do the styles and trends homebuyers are looking for. Homebuilders try to hone in on the preferred amenities that aesthetic buyers want. They also anticipate what they will want in the future.  The upcoming market of potential buyers are millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1997. This group is just as interested in home ownership as previous generations, but there are differences that are influencing homebuilding trends.

Studies show that millennials spend more time online at home and at work than previous generations. There is also an increase in demand for wellness options and community. To address these lifestyle changes and priorities, homebuilders are adapting and trends in homebuilding are reflecting the changing market. Some of the popular trends in homebuilding include:


Community Spaces

Builders and developers are creating an environment that encourages social gatherings and more face-to-face interactions to build a greater sense of community. Spending so much of the day sitting at a desk on a computer combined with the constant stream of social media, has many craving more human interaction. Home developers are addressing this need and are starting to increase the availability of community gathering spaces, which include community clubhouses, pools, and movie screens.


Smart Homes

Technology is changing how we live and as such, it is changing the capabilities and conveniences available in homes. Homebuilders are now using more  innovative technology and integrating décor-friendly gadgets, programmable or zone-based thermostats, wireless power controls, automated door locks, and advanced security systems to make  homes  more appealing to the millennial homebuyer. Smart home technology is easily accessible and much of it can be managed from a homeowner’s handheld device.


Healthy Homes

The growing interest in healthy living has homebuilders predicting that health and wellness will begin to influence buyers and their home buying decisions. Health conscious features and practices include water safety, non-toxic paint policies and more environmental testing.  Builders and developers are also considering things like bike paths and a community’s proximity to walkable areas. More people are interested in the ability to walk or bike-ride to restaurants and shops to help reduce traffic and support a more active lifestyle.



Design features are always a top priority for homebuyers. Builders are paying close attention to style trends in order to create an ambiance that will attract buyers and make a good first impression. Popular design trends  in today’s market include light white and grey finishes, modern clean lines and  floor plans with open spaces. Designs that incorporate eco-friendly amenities are also in demand. Many homebuyers care more now about preserving the environment and cutting down one’s energy costs; they want modern designs with energy efficient options.

Homebuilders will always need to adapt to changing trends to attract new buyers. At Landmark Title we work closely with homebuilders and developers providing our homebuilder direct services. If you are a builder or developer that would like to learn more, contact John Gerard directly at or call (602) 748–2800.

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